Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vitamin D The Wonder Vitamin

Vitamin D is the current rage in the world of supplements. Is it a wonder drug that will keep you healthier and prevent cancer. Possibly not, but it is  currently under extensive investigation to determine exactly what can be proven. The jury is still out, but there is no doubt that everyone should have a blood test to determine whether their level of vitamin D is adequate.

 By the way it is erroneous to label vitamin D as a vitamin since it is really not a vitamin at all. It is a hormone that your body makes when your skin is exposed to sunlight. If you sit in the sun frequently enough you will not need to take vitamin D supplements; however, the days of baking in the sun are over for all of us who want to avoid the risk of developing skin cancer. This means that almost everyone needs to supplement in order to maintain acceptable vitamin D levels.

Our advice is to consult with your physician and to follow his or her recommendations for supplementation. If you want more information on the possible benefits of vitamin D please refer to our book.

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