Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Live Longer Live Healthier

Live Longer Live Healthier is the title of our new book. In the opening chapters we point out that Americans are living longer, but because of the poor lifestyle choices that most of us  make when we are younger, most of us will live the extra years in poor health.  This information to back this statement is readily available.

In the book we emphasize that the habits we cultivate when we are younger will profoundly affect the quality of our life as we get older. There is solid scientific evidence for this statement. For example a recent study published in the journal Circulation analyzed data on 1,478 healthy participants in the Framingham Heart Study. They found that the longer participants had elevated cholesterol during the prior 20 years  the greater their risk of having a heart attack after age 55. In fact for each decade that they had elevated cholesterol the risk for having a heart attack increased by almost 40%.

When it comes to matters of your health an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound  of cure.

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