Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dynamic Energy

In our last blog we introduced you to the concept of dynamic energy. Do you think that this is just a pipe dream? Well it is not. We believe that it is our biological heritage to have dynamic energy We were born with it. We are entitled to it. Dynamic energy is what results from a healthy, integrated lifestyle that balances the three key energies of the body, the mind and nourishment.
The problem is that the chaos of daily life takes its toll on all of us. Work gets in the way of exercising, family issues take over, stress builds to intolerable levels. we tend to move our bodies less and less while eating more. our bodies begin to feel ill. Our minds run around in circles. All of this results in the loss of our natural energy.

As our energy fades, our lifestyle takes us farther and farther from wellness. We lose the delicate balance of the three energies and fall farther and farther out os synchrony. Our emotions suffer, our psychological well being suffers and our health suffers. We lose our dynamic energy. This loss is reflected in all aspects of our life. No wonder we also lose our sexual energy. Is the answer to take a bunch of pills or is it to find a way to recapture our vitality.

What do you think?

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