Monday, January 25, 2016

Meditation May Help You Stay Mentally Sharp

Meditation is an important component of the TriEnergetics program. Do you meditate? If you do not we suggest that you begin a program of meditation.

There are many reasons to meditate. Regular meditation will calm your mind and help you to better handle the stress in your life, It will lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, enhance your immune system and help you sleep better.

There is another reason to meditate and this is a reason that is new to us. A recent publication from UCLA  compared the brain scans of people who meditated with those who did not. it was discovered that those who meditated had a smaller reduction in brain grey matter than those who did not.

This suggests that meditation helps preserve the brain tissue that is involved in memory, decision-making and sensory perception. In other words it seems as though meditation helps prevent dementia. This information was not known when we wrote our book, but we were certainly ahead of our time. Our chapter on meditation has the subtitle "how to become healthier by sitting quietly and doing nothing."

We believe that here is no better way for you to spend time then by sitting quietly meditating.

You can learn some simple techniques from our book Trienergeetics.