Saturday, April 9, 2016

Can You Exercise Your Brain To Improve Memory?

We alerted you about claims that Prevagen can improve the function of your brain. There is no reliable evidence that proves it does.

Now we are going a step farther by suggesting that you should be skeptical of all claims that brain training can preserve or improve brain function.

For example the creators and marketers of the program Luminosity were fined 2 million dollars to settle charges made by the FDC that they deceived consumers with unsubstantiated claims. They advertised that their program would improve performance of everyday tasks and delay the onset of dementia.

There was no reliable clinical proof that these claims are true.

 Remember even if the advertisements state the facts were proven by clinical studies, the studies may be flawed.  It is always best to beware and to not jump on the band wagon.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Why Lower Your Cholesterol?

We have been told that it is important to keep our cholesterol level low. Have you ever wondered what evidence exists to support that statement?

It turns out that there is a proven scientific basis for lowering your cholesterol.

For example researchers  analyzing the data for 1,478 subjects in the Framingham Heart Study found that the longer the subjects had an elevated cholesterol the greater their likelihood of developing heart disease. In fact for each decade after age 35 that they had elevated cholesterol their coronary risk increased by almost 40%

This is just one of many published reports that relate elevated cholesterol levels to vascular disease

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Prescription Drug Costs Have Doubled In Just 7 Years

A new study released by the AARP Public Policy Institute reported that the cost for a year's supply of many prescription drugs has surpassed $11,000!

If you are not astonished by this fact let's put it into perspective. It is about 75% of the average annual Social Security retirement benefit of someone on medicare.

This figure was for some of the most commonly used drugs. The average cost for specialty drugs, such as for cancer and hepatitis, have increased the most. For example, he average cost for specialty drugs was $53,384 in 2013. This was 18 times more than for a brand name drug and 189 times higher than for a generic drug.

AARP representatives stated that if this trend continues more Americans will simply be unable to afford the medications that they need to live and to stay healthy.