Friday, October 14, 2016

Timing May Be The Secret Of Your Success

Are you about to make a big decision? If you are, there is new evidence that suggests that timing is important  A  study from Utrecht University in the Netherlands found that test subjects who were hungry were more likely to make better decisions than those who were well fed.

This contradicts conventional wisdom that being in emotional or physical duress, as in being hungry, causes people to make hasty, irrational decisions. The study from the Netherlands deserves  consideration.

Do you have any opinion about this? Timing may be the secret of your success.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Statin Drug May Save Your Life

There are some unpleasant side effects from statin drugs. The most common is muscle aching, occasionally weakness or even pain. Most people who take a statin do not develop these symptoms, but if you are at risk for having a heart attack  and are not taking a statin drug you should talk to your physician. The reason is that the statins may really help to keep you alive.

There have been many large studies published in the medical literature that substantiate the value of statins, but our attention was drawn to a recent study of 12,705 patients who were at risk for a heart attack. It was found that those on statins were 24% less  likely to have a heart attack than those taking a placebo. This is not like Vegas. It is one time when the odds are in your favor.