Sunday, June 12, 2016

Being Lonely Can Be A Health Risk

Are You Lonely Tonight?

In 2013 a survey revealed that 40% of Americans acknowledged feeling lonely. Do  you at times think that your are part of that group?

If you are lonely it may feel as if your heart is breaking. That is truly emotional distress. Many of us have been there, but did you know that this feeling of isolation can affect your health? Well it can.

A new study shows that social isolation can take a toll on your health. Researchers followed 141 older people who were lonely. They found that loneliness was associated with greater inflammation and an altered immune response. As a result of the emotional distress the subjects in this study had a 45% increased risk of premature death compared to others who were not lonely.

The author concluded that the longer one is lonely the greater the negative effects. This is a sobering thought especially for the holidays. Our advice to anyone who is feeling especially lonely is to make an extra effort to participate and to be with others.